Jesica's Essay # 3 Draft

Jessica Rosa Illi
English 101
Bradly Beck
Anything to Succeed

Dakota's 3rd essay draft

Dakota Goodwin
English 101
Bradly Bleck

Is education really worth everything

Jaisa essay #3 draft

Jaisa Holland
English 101
Bradley Bleck
24 May 2014
Chinese dream
In Hua Yu’s novel China in Ten Words, one reads about Hua’s experiences growing up in China. The website Chinese Dream shows how the Chinese looks up to America. Like the American Dream, the Chinese dream is pointed toward the more fortunate and rich people that always dream about the perfect life.

Kelli's essay three draft

The “American Dream” of China

Devin's Website Draft

Devin Perala
B. Bleck
English: 101
Due Date: 5/24/2014

Megan's Website Draft

Trust is essential for relationships, and without it the relationship cannot progress. In China in Ten Words Yu Hua experiences his first interaction with false relationships. In his second grade class all the teachers would stand together and gossip during recess, appearing to best friends. But one-day Hua’s teacher gleefully informs him that one of her “friends” has been put in custody for being relatives with a landlord.

Cassidy's Website draft

Revolution! Yu Hua writes about revolution in his book China in Ten Words. He in his “Revolution” chapter writes about how a classmate got blacklisted the one thing that come to mind is the red scare. And how people here in the USA got blacklisted as well.

Jerry's Website Analysis Draft

Jerry Mecum
English 101
Bradley Bleck
The Chinese Dream
On this website, (Chinese dream), China portrays to the English speaking world how its citizens are not that different from the rest of the world. They have the same type of desires of a comfortable living standard, wealth, owning a home, and a good retirement. This information is laid out in a manner that seeks to convince the English speaking population that, while China is striving to provide a higher standard of living, it is doing so in a non-threating manner.

Miranda's Essay #3 Draft

Belden 1
Word Cited
Ministry of Education of the People's republic of China, nd
Web May, 22, 2014
Hua, Yu China in Ten Words
New York, Printed, Anchor 2012

Belden 2
Miranda Belden
English 101
Bradley Bleck
May, 24, 2014
Education in China

Jason's Video Essay

English Video Assignment
Jason Dempsey
Mental Strain

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