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Megan's Website Draft

Trust is essential for relationships, and without it the relationship cannot progress. In China in Ten Words Yu Hua experiences his first interaction with false relationships. In his second grade class all the teachers would stand together and gossip during recess, appearing to best friends. But one-day Hua’s teacher gleefully informs him that one of her “friends” has been put in custody for being relatives with a landlord.

Megan's Video Analysis 1st Draft

Children are almost like gods in China. In the video series Life After Loss, everything the family is depends on them: their worth, their honor, and most importantly their future. Without their children these parents are nothing. In this video we get to see the parents come together and form a group that lends them comfort, as well as strength. In the chapter “People” from China in Ten Words, Yu Hua’s meaning of “the people” slowly changes. At first he does not understand the strength one gets within a group, but in the end he realizes that people are stronger when they stand together.

Megan's Essay One

Reading is an amazing privilege that constantly goes underappreciated. Throughout history citizens’ freedom to read has been rejected. In the chapter “Reading” from China in Ten Words, Yu Hua shares with the reader his struggles and compassion for reading. Hua has a hunger and passion for reading that today we seem to lack.

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