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Dakota's 3rd essay draft

Dakota Goodwin
English 101
Bradly Bleck

Is education really worth everything

Dakota's Video Essay Draft

Dakota GoodwinEnglish 101
Bradley Bleck
5/02/2014 (Had some confusion with this… but at least it’s done)

The Rich get Richer and the Poor Fall Down

Dakota Goodwin's 1st draft from China in ten words

In Yu Hua’s Reading chapter of China in ten words a lot is revealed about the authors past. Hua breaks down his spark of passion for reading into four parts that make up this chapter. Each one is unique in explaining its own purpose for the chapter, and really could stand for a chapter on their own feet if the author had chosen to do so. Hua decided to break it down into 4 pieces to make it have an essay like feel making it incredibly easy to break down and respond in essay form.

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