Miranda's Essay #3 Draft

Belden 1
Word Cited
Ministry of Education of the People's republic of China, nd
Web May, 22, 2014
Hua, Yu China in Ten Words
New York, Printed, Anchor 2012

Belden 2
Miranda Belden
English 101
Bradley Bleck
May, 24, 2014
Education in China
In the book China in Ten in Ten Words by Hua Yu. Chapter six “Revolution” This chapter explains the Ministry of Education in China. This program is available for Chinese students to further their education and begin their lives. There is a web site that also explains the Ministry of education more in depth. The site mainly explains the mission statements and is trying to persuade the viewers to join their program. This web site has a lot of useful information but the site doesn't give many options for foreigners to join this program.
In this Web site there is a lot of useful information. The Audience of the site is pointed towards the Chinese. The site is translated into English but the original is in Chinese. This makes it seem as though the site is only for research for Americans. Because the site is in Chinese and there aren't many options for foreign travels to the viewer it is as if they don't want foreigners to join their program. The Presentation of this site is very simple with only four colors the site is very dull. With only one image the site is mostly made up of just simple information. The appeal the viewers receive is that the Chinese take their education very seriously and that they want to better their youth. Also the Chinese seem to be very well educated. The authority and the ones running this site must be school officials and people who have lots of information about the recent Chinese education plans. Although, there is some bias in this site that I as a viewer see. The site doesn't seem to have any options for foreign travels to join their programs and all of the education plans are headed in Chinese. As a higher education program they should want to have foreigners join so they can spread the word and get more people to join them. The agenda of this site is to promote their program is that they want to make it seem like the best
Belden 3
choice for students to join so that more people will enroll in their program and so they will make more money. Finally, there is a lot of content given in this site. The site is made up of all information about education policies and the mission statements of the program. The mission statement is what the education plan is for students and what the program wants to achieve when students come and take part in their program. Also this site has useful information such as current news and events for the current and future students.
In all this Web Page and the section of the book are very similar. They both explain the Ministry of Education. The book explains the exact numbers but the site explains all the information needed to actually join the program. I believe that there is a underline issue in this site. To the viewers there isn't any options for foreigners to join the program. Im sure they could join but there isn't any special offers for English speaking programs. The original site is in Chinese but translated into English. This makes the viewers think that unless you speak Chinese you wont be able to join this program because you wont be able to communicate.