Jerry's Website Analysis Draft

Jerry Mecum
English 101
Bradley Bleck
The Chinese Dream
On this website, (Chinese dream), China portrays to the English speaking world how its citizens are not that different from the rest of the world. They have the same type of desires of a comfortable living standard, wealth, owning a home, and a good retirement. This information is laid out in a manner that seeks to convince the English speaking population that, while China is striving to provide a higher standard of living, it is doing so in a non-threating manner.
In the book, “China in Ten Words”, Yu Hua writes, “China today is a land of huge disparities. It is like walking down a street where on this side are gaudy pleasure palaces and on that side desolate ruin.” (158), this website, (Chinese dream) has a bias towards the pleasure palaces, as there is no mention of any type of disparities mentioned in Hua’s book. Through the use of selected items, and careful placement of those items the Chinese government provides a positive, long term, forward moving environment. One link in the website speaks about how more people benefit from the poverty reduction programs that have been implemented, but does not address how to solve the problem of poverty of the 99 million people the program did not help.
The authority of the website, ( is the Chinese government. All the material on the website has been approved for publication by the government beforehand; nothing on the site has been published prior to approval. This knowledge would provide some questions about the factual data being published on the site. 
The website, (Chinese dream) seeks to project a non-threating; forward moving environment in China through the use of the pictures on the website. It shows the Great Wall of China in the background, (a defense measure), a small warship, (no threat to any modern navy), China’s leaders in various types of poses with other nation’s leaders, (a co-operative spirit), along with other pictures showing a relaxed, non-military country that has a rich culture and looks to it renewable resources for sustainability. There are also several interviews on the site with how much has improved since the program started and several links that provide additional information on what the government is doing to increase the effectiveness of its programs in achieving the dream.
The audience the Chinese government, through the use of the website, (, is trying to reach is any English speaking person. They are trying to project that China, while improving its poverty issue among its people, it is not a threat to any other country. With the use of government approved images, links, and interviews, all within the website, China is attempting to prove to the English speaking world it is doing something to improve the lives of its citizens. While the website, ( is bias towards the government’s position of where China is at in its attempts, it still provides an interesting, if not entirely factual, view into the Chinese government’s idea of what the Chinese Dream is to its population. 
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