Cassidy's Website draft

Revolution! Yu Hua writes about revolution in his book China in Ten Words. He in his “Revolution” chapter writes about how a classmate got blacklisted the one thing that come to mind is the red scare. And how people here in the USA got blacklisted as well.

The appearance of this website is black background with white letters and a red title at the top of the page. The red title is like the representation of communism, like china and Russia. The black background is the blacklist, which America had. Hua writes in his book about revolution and he says, “during his months on the blacklist he must have had been subjected to all kinds of mistreatment,” (Hua 137). So not only did America have a blacklist but china as well.

The audience of this website is people not educated on the red scare. This is seen by what is the site is about. This website focuses on the red scare and tells the viewer about it. People who would be looking at this site would most likely be kids who don’t know anything about the red scare and want to know more. Or even kids who are doing a research paper.

The website might be about America but it relates to what Hua wrote about. The miss treatment of fellow people. This website has small hints towards the blacklist and communism. But Yu Hua book tells it out right and shows how curlew people can be.