Megan's Website Draft

Trust is essential for relationships, and without it the relationship cannot progress. In China in Ten Words Yu Hua experiences his first interaction with false relationships. In his second grade class all the teachers would stand together and gossip during recess, appearing to best friends. But one-day Hua’s teacher gleefully informs him that one of her “friends” has been put in custody for being relatives with a landlord. At that moment Hua realized how easily one’s friendships can be fake saying “Even the gruesome street battles didn’t frighten me as much as the false veneer of camaraderie,” (Hua 138). One can also see this false camaraderie within the website Chinese Dream, which suggests that the Chinese dream is the dream of the people. They are putting China and the people together, making them the same. By putting them together the Chinese nation is declaring that they and their people are comrades and they have the same ideals. There is a false companionship used to get them to get their people to agree with their ideals.

Through the presentation of the website the viewer can see the websites efforts in trying to create a false camaraderie. “The Chinese dream, after all, is the dream of the people. We must realize it by closely depending on the people. We must incessantly bring benefits to the people.” Is the first thing the viewer will see when they enter the website Chinese Dream, that and a picture of the Chinese President Xi Jinping waving. This picture of Xi is extremely similar to pictures of China’s old chairman, Mao. Mao was famous for his wave, it was revolutionary, he became one of China’s first leaders to be relatable to the public. He was likeable, and tried to seem like one of them. By relating to Mao, President Xi is creating the allusion that he is like the people he is leading. By using the quote as an introduction to the website the viewer also gets a sense that China’s leader also cares about his people. He wants to help them with their dreams and suggests that their dream is China’s dream! Even if he has not met the person, much less heard about their dreams, this website is creating a false relationship with its viewers.

Through out the website the viewer receives the same message, that China cares about each and every person. The mythology in this website is that the government shares the same dream as the people. There are pictures of government officials volunteering around China planting seeds, as well as pictures of children and other citizens dancing and doing other fun activities. By connecting with a few citizen’s they are creating a connection with many. Through the website sharing these photographs they are showing others how involved their leaders are, as well as how they are leaders of the people.

The appeal of this website is to gain the support of the Chinese dream and of their leaders. They are trying to prove to viewers that they are together with the people. That relationships do exist and that the Chinese dream is for the people. It is not just an informative website, but also a persuasive website. Chinese Dream is always striving to convince the viewer that there is camaraderie between the citizens and the government. This website could also be used to inform people within China of their governments companionship, if it was not in English. The website is striving for the support of the Chinese dream.
The problem with this website is that there is nothing negative about the Chinese dream. Everything in the website supports the government and is positive towards the Chinese dream. It is obvious that the website is supporting the Chinese dream. The website is bias. There are even articles that suggest that China will be progressing over multiple countries within the next ten years, even going as far as saying that they could be right next to America, which is not expected to progress. The only negative information is towards other countries. The Chinese Dream is bias towards China.

False camaraderie can be used to change people’s ideals, and can convince them to follow something else. By changing the Chinese dream to revolve around the people they are becoming more involved within their government. The website, Chinese Dream, is used to convince other to support the Chinese dream through bias articles. The presentation also gives off a positive feel, and the appeal and mythology suggest that the dream is the people’s dream. In the end the Chinese dream and the people’s dream are the suggested to be the same.