Devin's Website Draft

Devin Perala
B. Bleck
English: 101
Due Date: 5/24/2014

It should be no great mystery that any nation as proud, prosperous, and powerful as China would most certainly have a few skeletons in their closet. Which in result creates a certain demand for the authoritarian suppression of corruption, conspiracy, and disparity. But where there is suppression there will always be resistance, and the website is a perfect example of this resistance. Similar to the “Disparity” chapter of Hua Yu’s book China In Ten Words, Hua writes “China today is a land of huge disparities. It’s like walking down a street on this side are gaudy pleasure palaces and on that side desolate ruins, or like sitting in a strange theatre where a comedy is being performed on one side of the stage and a tragedy on the other.” (158) This passage describes how easily one can overlook that which is unpleasant, for that which is comfortable or entertaining. China Uncensored is a collective display of this overlooked “tragedy” or these “desolate ruins,” bare and shameless, revealing the raw details beneath the silk cloak of China.

In today’s day and age it has become public knowledge that governments keep secrets, and in China’s case they have the transparency of a brick. So naturally the mythology of truth becomes prevalent in the site China Uncensored, which would explain why there is a section titled “Real China.” Although this site may be rather basic and consist of mostly articles, the few powerful images and revealing words seem to illuminate this concept of truth. The site has several sections organizing dozens of articles by genre titled “Real China, Think Tank, Most Censored, Global Stage, Kaleidoscope, Photo of the Day, and Banned Books.” Between the images and the information the stage is well set for tragedy.

China’s government has long been notorious for controlling and censoring practically every media outlet available to the public, so it should come as no surprise that China Uncensored functions much like a weed in this authoritarian garden. Despite the websites anonymity, its audience and authority appear to be one in the same. A website derived of the people, by the people, for the people. While the site’s founder has chosen to only expose him or herself with a single contact email (, the site itself has numerous articles with their author’s names present. Now its understandable for viewers to be skeptical of this level of secrecy, and decide to distrust the sites actual legitimacy altogether. But what needs to be understood is that this secrecy or anonymity is not designed to mislead the public, rather it is designed to mislead the overseeing authority which lives and breaths to choke out this kind of information. Therefore the scales of balance in regards to China’s information are quite offset in this manner, and this site may be small, but any weight can act as counterweight.

In terms of an agenda China Uncensored seems to be fairly straightforward, reveal that which has been pushed under the rug by the Chinese government. When viewers observe the homepage there is a list of the website’s most recent articles, and if a viewer enters any of these articles they can see that they are simply reported events. The only difference is that the majority of Chinese know their mainstream news lies and tells only half-truths. While with an alternative source run by a person, instead of a corporation, there is at least a chance that they might just be telling the truth. One example is from the homepage of China Uncensored is the article “Regime’s Attempt to Conceal Crimes Against Humanity” (2014). The article contains several pages of gruesome information, that details the horrific live-organ harvesting in China carried out under orders of the Communist Regime. This too relates to this metaphoric two-sided stage of disparity, for it is guaranteed that the mainstream news wouldn't touch this story with a ten foot pole while this site has attempted to capitalized on this information.

In the end when the only thing that is certain is that the official story is just that, a story. Where does one turn to? What is true? Is it red or blue? The real truth of it all is that that we will never truly know, for the deception on this planet runs as deep as the roots of our human ancestry. So absorb everything and always remember to take everything with a grain of salt. For one never knows when these “desolate ruins” or this “tragedy” will appear in one’s own town. Or perhaps the disparity is already present, but the entertaining “comedy” and the “pleasure palaces” have kept us looking the other way.