Jaisa essay #3 draft

Jaisa Holland
English 101
Bradley Bleck
24 May 2014
Chinese dream
In Hua Yu’s novel China in Ten Words, one reads about Hua’s experiences growing up in China. The website Chinese Dream shows how the Chinese looks up to America. Like the American Dream, the Chinese dream is pointed toward the more fortunate and rich people that always dream about the perfect life.

The Chinese Dream website is aimed towards the more rich and fortunate people. In this website, many different culture can read it because it is translated into 6 different languages. On the front of the site there is a picture of the Chinese President Xi Jinping which is showing the leadership of China.

The authority of the website is the Chinese government. Through this website the Chinese government is trying to show people that they are friends with other nations. Some ways that they try to show people this is by posting pictures of their leader’s remarks, economic achievements, china and the world, social progress .sci-tech development and their dream.

The audience of the website is toward someone who speaks English. The entire website is in English.

The content of the website is organized by a list of focuses of the website in blue rectangular boxes and they have pictures for every point and descriptions of the pictures.

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