Jesica's Essay # 3 Draft

Jessica Rosa Illi
English 101
Bradly Beck
Anything to Succeed

In China in Ten Words written by Yu Hua, Hua tells us in his book about what he went through growing up. He also tells us about China’s failures and achievements to make China a better place. The chapter “Revolution” describes what china does to make China better when Hua was younger. In this chapter there is a saying that caught would catch the viewer’s eye, and this saying is “The government is fully committed to this project. Nothing will be permitted to stand in its way.” (130). This saying describes the Chinese Dream very well because this website is about what China is doing or about what their trying to do. China is one country that will do whatever they want and don’t care what others say and they won’t let anybody or anything stand in their way.

The author of this website is Xinhua News Agency. The news they supply to all the viewers is very reliable and knowledgeable. They release news items 24 hours daily in eight different languages about thing all over the world. Because of this, that makes this website a very important source for the central government of China. This website has not only just written articles on news from all over the world but mainly China’s news. The website also has pictures to back up the articles. For example on the website would be the article on “President Xi plants trees, promotes “beautiful China”” and there is a picture of the president planting a tree with a young school boy. The website also has video’s ranging from “Chinese leaders vow severe punishment for terrorists” to “Indian cheap cancer drugs lure Chinese patients”. Mainly this website put’s out news from sports, business, culture, science to the world.

For this website the viewers would say this website’s agenda is to let everyone know what China is doing to make China a better country as well as to pervade Information about what is going on in China and all over the world as well. The main part of their agenda is to make their website to be higher up on the list for most viewed websites around the world. Right now they are the 160th on the list and they are improving slowly but surely.

The contents of this website are news from all over the world. A viewer would think this website has an inward and outward focused. This Chinese website is really focused on the Chinese dream but it is also focused on other issues from around the world. What the links offer vary depending on what the article a viewer would read or what button they would want to push. You could click links to tell you more about the Chinese president showing people he trying to make china a better place, to a link telling you more about a kiwi found in Austria but is from Africa.

The organization mythology of this website was mainly for the Xinhua News Agency to get ahead of other news agency out there in the world. But they also wanted to let the world know what China is up to and to let China know what the world id up to as well. Since 2010 Xinhua News Agency began transforming itself from a government cultural institution to an enterprise. They are now operating the entity of the Xinhua Network Corporation.

The Chinese Dream website is a really good reliable source of information for China or from around the world. But the main source of information is news from China. This news source is mainly telling us what China is doing to make China a better place and that would be the Chinese dream. AS you can see China is and will do anything they want and won’t listen to anybody for advise and they won’t let anybody stand in their way to get what they want done. This is why a viewer would think the saying in the book would fit very nicely to this website.

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