Kiana's Research Draft

China’s government is infamous around the world for operating a very controlling and strict system. They have policies regulating almost everything from family size, to internet access, to religious practices. Throughout history the Chinese government has been very vocal about its position on religion. This can be compared to the passage in the book, Monkey by Wu Ch’eng-en, where Monkey has just saved the city of Cart Slow from the Taoist Immortals who were planning on taking over the city.

Zach's Research Essay

Zach McWilliams

Professor Bleck

English 101

November 19, 2013

Research Essay

Research paper draft

Stephanie Strong
English 101
Bradley Bleck
Government vs. Religion

Dannie's Essay #4

Dannie Baird
English 101
Bradley Bleck
November 19, 2013
The Rise of China

For the weekend of Nov 23-24

Please have a draft of your essay posted by midnight Friday and respond to two drafts by midnight Sunday. As usual, give the sort of help you'd like to receive by fully explaining the score you provide for each element of the essay. If an essay already has two responses, please look for one that does not.

We'll spend class time Monday working on the essays which will be due, printed out on Tuesday for a final go-round. They'll be submitted by midnight Tuesday for a formal response. If you have questions over the weekend, please email me.

Topher Fischer Essay 4

Topher Fischer
Brad Bleck
English 101
November 22

China vs. Religion

Ryan Shore - Website Final

Ryan Shore
Bradley Bleck
English Composition
November 14th, 2013

The Mask for a New Leader

Stephanie S. website analysis

Stephanie Strong
English 101
Bradley Bleck
The fight for good

Argument Essay Topics

This collection of videos may help you find a topic about which to write. Give them a look: 8 TED Talks on China

Here are some other possibilities:

  1. The heavens in Monkey are seem as being analogous with government bureaucracy in earthly China. You can look at the problems many Chinese face in dealing with the bureaucracy, with the government.
  2. Monkey and the others are seeking enlightenment and salvation. For some in China today, such as the Falun Gong, this is against the law. There are some churches, Christian, Buddhist and Taoist that are allowed, but some that are not. Religious freedom, for good or ill (and there are some historical reasons for the Chinese suspicion against Christianity).
  3. Access to information, such as internet censorship, just as Tripitaka, Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy seek the scriptures.
  4. Confucian ideal: "Everything under Heaven is for the people." Is it? Should it be?

Essay Four: Argumentative Research

This essay is to be an argument about some concern drawn from the readings of the "Bamboozled" chapter and/or the "Copycat" or "Grassroots" chapter in China in Ten Words bolstered by research to make readers see things your way (or at least to see the validity of your view) based on a springboard passage from one of those chapters. The topic could be something that is in the news today, in history, cultural or what have you. We'll spend some time in class talking about the possibilities after the reading has been done. As before, you are expected to use a passage from the assigned reading of the text as a springboard to set up the argument and guide the reader to the thesis that expresses the fundamental claim of your argument. Do your best to argue for something because that is a more effective rhetorical strategy than arguing against something.

Because this is also an introduction to formal research, you are required to use evidence from research you conduct which is properly cited both in the body of the essay and on the works cited page. Sources must be cited using proper MLA format both in the body of the essay and the works cited page, which is also required. In addition to the assigned text, (Monkey in this case), three secondary sources are required and can include interviews with experts, material from journals, magazines, or books that is reliable and authoritative. Only one of these sources may be from the web. The others must come from a library or one of the SFCC Library provided databases.

The essay is expected to contain a thesis that makes a point/claim that should be developed using Aristotelian Argument format, which requires a clearly evident opposing view and its rebuttal. Each point made in support of this argument is required to have a specific example from your research and an appropriate in-text citation from an authoritative secondary source and a clearly established relationship to the thesis. Sources must be cited using proper MLA format both in the body of the essay and the works cited page, which is also required. Additionally, paragraphing, sentences, grammar and mechanics will be under review. The essay should be about 4-full pages in length with a 12-point font. The required works cited page does not count toward these pages.

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