Jane Eyre

Style of writing: Jane Eyre is written in first person, and from the view point of the main character Jane Eyre. It was written as a memoir by a fictional character named Jane Eyre.

Themes: There are four main themes found within the book Jane Eyre one of which is love. As Jane Eyre grows in age throughout the book she never truly possesses the idea of love with other people throughout her life. The love she does find is found through the desire for independence as well as the owner of Thornfield Mr. Rochester. Another theme pertain with the idea of religion. Do to the fact that the setting is during the Victorian era religion was found within every aspect of people's lives. Another theme pertain to the difference in social class and in obvious line draw between the poor and the rich which is challenged by Jane's and Mr. Rochester relationship. The final theme found within the book deals with the fact of discrimination among genders. For instance during this era women were seen as incompetent creatures who needed to be repaired.
Predictions: While reading this book, the reader automatically reaches multiple thoughts on what may happen later on. When reading you realize the fact that hidden truths will come out later on in the story. This idea intensifies with the occurrences dealing with Mr. Rochester and the secret marriage he has with Blanche Ingram.
Conflicts: The main conflict found in the book Jane Eyre lies between responsibility and passion. The passion is found between Rochester and Jane, and the responsibility is that Rochester is already married and that is against Jane's morals.
summary: In the early stages of life Jane has to deal with a crude aunt that has taken her in. Under this Jane also has to deal with her abusive cousin John Reed along with Georgiana and Eliza reed. After being suggested by Mr. Lloyd, the Reeds apothecary to be sent away to school, Mrs. Reed decides to send her off to the school named Lowood, later realizing that this is an orphan school, Jane meets Mr. Brocklehurst, who is the owner of the Lowood school, and is a very cruel person towards Jane. Once arriving at Lowood, Jane meets a new friend name Helen Burns. Helen and Jane have different views on the cruel treatment that is given out by Miss Scatcherd. Helen believes in the Christan endurance, meaning that she must her love her enemies and accept her privation. But this doesn't stop their friendship from growing strong. Life at lowood is very harsh for the girls with the fact that they are Mal nutritioned and are unable to even complete the simplest of morning tasks such as washing themselves do to the fact that the water is frozen. Later on Helen Burns falls ill among many of the students but not do to the spread of typhus, but do to consumption. Jane attends Lowood for 6 more years excelling in drawing and makes progress in french. She then stays there to teach for two more years at Lowood. Until she finds out that her friendly teacher, miss temple will be leaving because of her marriage, and leaves to find a new job else where. She finds a job at Thornfield as a governess for a little girl named Adele Varens. Once at Thornfield Jane witnesses some very strange occurrences take place. She then gets to meet the owner of Thornfield Mr. Rochester. Who later on Jane falls in love with. When they decide to get married those very strange occurrences begin to arouse again and are first blamed on Grace Poole. But then later on it is found out that it is actually Blanche Ingram. Who is Mr. Rochester's secret wife. Without knowing this Jane goes through with the attempt to still marry Mr. Rochester. That is until the day of the marriage that Jane is told of Mr. Rochester secret marriage. After hearing this news Jane cancels the wedding and leaves Thornfield. She leaves Thornfield and ends up at Morton street. At Morton street she meets the owner, Saint John Rivers. who serves as Jane's benefactor by giving her food and shelter. She realizes that saint John is a kind and generous man who she may marry.but later on finds out that saint John would only marry her to help him with his mission. She then decides to leave Saint John and go back to Mr. Rochester, her true love. In the end Jane marries Mr. Rochester after receiving her uncles " John Eyre" fortune of 20,000 pounds.