Reaction Charts

Must be typed!

The reaction chart assignment, which is an informal writing-to-learn assignment, serves several purposes. One, frankly, is to insure that you read all the assigned readings, for you can’t write a reaction chart unless you do. Also, these charts should help you organize and articulate your responses to the various readings, and they also provide valuable information to me.

Reaction charts should have two parts. For the first part, use the following format to give me a general sense of your response to the day’s reading:

+ aspects of the reading you found particularly engaging, interesting, effective, etc.
- aspects of the reading you found ineffective, frustrating, or problematic
? questions you have

The second part of the reaction chart is more analytical. Here I’d like you to identify a passage that you believe plays an important role in the reading, one that deserves analysis. Copy the passage word-for-word and provide an explanation as to why you chose this passage; be prepared to explain in class why you chose this passage since we will refer to these charts in discussion. Also, in this second part, write one question for possible class discussion. This should be a question that provokes thought in some important way.

Whenever a reading is scheduled to be discussed on your course calendar, a reaction chart is due. I will collect the reaction sheets at the start of class because the information you provide helps me anticipate important issues and questions that we need to address. You must word process/type reaction charts.