Journal Five: On Being Revolutionary

With this weeks' readings from Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson, we encounter some of the most influential propaganda written for the cause of the American Revolution. We also encounter a bit more, with Franklin and Foster's critiques of life in America. Based on what we've read, what would this week's writers think of today's America? would they appreciate the nation and people we have become? Be disappointed? have some mixed emotions? For the assigned readings, answer this question, what would Franklin, Paine, Jefferson or Foster think of the nation and people we have become? In answering this, provide passages from the assigned readings as evidence in support of your thinking.

Post your journals by midnight Monday. As always, respond to at least two journals and to at least one response to your journals before Wednesday.



Sierra Smith Journal 5

I think Thomas Paine would be proud if the way society has become. He has promoted free thinking and deism. Given how "open" our society is today i think he would appreciate how far we have come. He comments in Age of Reason "My own mind is my own church". After that he goes on to talk about how he does not condemn other people with opposing view points. Thomas Jefferson i though, was hypocritical in a way. He was against slavery yet he had his own slaves, he did treat them well however. People in the government today i think are very hypocritical so i think they would get a long.

I think all of the men we read about this week were very opinionated, that was good for the time they were in. But religiously and politically they were probably much more conservative. Now today we have, womens rights, gay rights, no slavery and equal opportunities. Frankly some of the things i see in society have become a little radical and i think these men would be disappointed, or not even understand how people today function.

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