Journal Seven: Mimesis

This week's readings have taken us from the realm of the primarily didactic to the primarily aesthetic, where literature is expected to entertain as much, maybe even more, than to instruct. In short, they fall more into the realm of art. One thing that is happening with these artistic works is the notion of Mimesis. This is Greek for "imitation," and generally taken to indicate works of literature that imitate characters on a human level, where correspondence to the physical world is understood as a model for beauty, truth and what is good. In this respect, it is the representation of nature (not as in the woods and the trees, but the world around us).

For this week's journal, write about how what these readings tell us about the world around us, what they reveal about beauty, truth and what is good. Touch on each of these three points and illustrate each with a passage or two from the assigned readings. Have these posted by midnight Monday.

As always, be sure to respond to at least two other journals and to one response to your journal by midnight Wednesday.