Final Study Guide and Essay Revisions

I will not be on campus Friday, June 14

Final Study Guide

The final is scheduled for Monday, June 17, 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. in our regular classroom. The final study guide is attached. Whatever will end up on the final itself will come directly from the study guide. There will be no changes except to clarify or correct what is there already. When it comes to the test itself, you will not be allowed to use your books or notes. You will work entirely from memory. With regard to the two essay prompts, the best way to prepare for those is to write draft essays. Be sure to bring something to write on and write with. I made a correction to the final directions for the passage identification and explanation part.

Revision Requirements

  1. Revisions are due at the time of our final exam, which is noted above. This is also the last time that late submissions will be accepted.
  2. I'll be happy to answer any questions regarding comments you can't read because of my handwriting at any time, but substantive questions will not be accepted until after noon, Friday, June 14.
  3. Any literature review receiving less than a C/2.0, that is a C-/1.7/71, C-/D+/1.5/69 or a D+/1.3/64 MUST be revised. If the literature review received a C/2.0/74 then revision is optional, but both encouraged and advised.
  4. Literature review revisions must be submitted with the annotated secondary source and the commented upon graded draft
  5. All revisions must be highlighted on the new draft. Merely correction grammar, punctuation, spelling and the like does not constitute a revision, and the essay will be not accepted as such. The grade will not change if that happens.


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What is X

Yeah, that's a good question. What exactly do you mean when you say 'What is X?' Is 'X' the passage we just read? You can't ask people to define a variable and then not tell them what the variable is.

Some more questions.

So do we have to write on both essay prompts or just one? And if you will be picking and choosing how many of the passage identification questions there are, how many will there be? Are you doing the same thing for the first part of the test with the defining the terms?

but no real answers

You're just going to have to wait and see on all of this. If you can handle the material on the study guide, you can handle the test itself.



Final Test

In the reading passages portion of the test, "...the speaker and the spoken to (when appropriate) (1 point), the situation (up to 2 points), and the importance (up to 3 points)," are these the questions regarding X? Or are we supposed to answer these as well as the questions regarding X?

Agreed^^^^^Pretty confused on

Agreed^^^^^Pretty confused on the whole "X" deal as well.

will be picking and choosing . . .

Which I mentioned in class and is what it says above as well.

As for 'X', we spent several days on this in class, looking at the quarter, but then I asked this question a number of times over the quarter. Is the passage a statement of religious ideology? If so, what does that mean? A statement of personal faith? Political propaganda? You'll have to decide and see what you come up with. I'm not looking for any set answers.

As for the speaker/spoken to part of the directions, I fixed that and the rest of the directions.



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