Sexuallity the Cycle of Pain

Through the text this week we see sexuality emerge from the erosion of time this idea although see throughout the world is strictly American In the way how the gender roles have blurred. In all other cultures the roles are very defined. In history we see that the American gender roles burred with the expansion to the west. The question for the United States is not the role of each gender but what is ok as a regards to the act of sex. It seems that in America this is one of the only gender roles. That man see sex as a conquest and women as the land slow being eaten away each time the act happens. As if the man stole some of the land. We see the stark compassion between the males’ stereotypical line of thought in Diaz’s “How to Date…” and the females’ stereotypical line of though in Minot’s Lust. Though out Diaz’s text the situation is broken down into input and output lacking emotion till the end where he suddenly feel bad after the act of sex. Diaz’s text says” don’t fall asleep. It won’t help”. Showing the despair of a man’s feelings the socially stigmas and emotional connection of sex. In lust the narrator compares the social stigmas a women feels to a flower losing petals. Each of these text show how the act of sex is not a bad thing in the right situation without social stigmas. In each of these text I think of a drug addict. The drug in the right situation is helpful, but this is not the case. It is being misused as to relieve the stress of their social situation. So the question becomes how do we break this idea of sex. Because it is degrading both genders and it is a vicious cycle that feeding on the despair of the other half of the equation.

Daniel Willard

Response to Daniel

I agree with you when you say that men looked at women and sex as sort of a conquest and I think that is how they are looked at by women because this has become a stereotype.


Do you think the blurring of gender roles is a step toward equality or confusion? I like how you connect the stories together and i agree with you, but i was wondering what your thoughts were on gender roles, should we even have them or should everyone be considered equal? Also, i really like that you connected sex to a drug addiction, good work.


I believe that this is a step in the right direction towards equality. For everone should be allowed to do what they want the issue we see arise is that male and female or boilogial differant. Not in they humanity but in their make up. for example I can thank my mom for my mitochrida but not my dad. So the question for me is how do we address the fact of science and yet make everything just. For equality and justice are differant. Imagine three kids whos hieght stair step. each is given a box to see over the wall. This is equallity. but if the tallest kid can see over the wall with out the box and he gives his box to the shortest who still can't see. this is justice. So how do we make this situation equal and just I wih I knew. But I think it is wrong that anyone could get passed who has supior calification for a job do to their sex. So i don't nessically thing their should be gender roles but i will say that the science is ther to say that mother nuture but then a father stricting to biology. it is a psylology response. and Father are better at protecting agian to psylology. again this is in general and i will not say that this is how it should work or how it needs to work for we are human and each person is a genictic expiriment but i will say this does work in most cases. thus the idea of gender roles where born not to opress but to give the best quailified person the job. So this blurring is much like ying and yang because there is equaility in it and their also isn't same with confusion. I feel it is import to recogise the differance the beneifit of the sexs not to hinder either sex but to create a situation that is optimal for care are social makeup.

So in short I feel that the differance are vital and deserve equal respect and that each should have the option on how they live their lives but the laws of nature and biology lock us in to a state of being and thus into a "gender role". The good new you are human and are sentient so you can reject your pysological response much like a sniper can slow their heart rate in crazy high stress situations. So How you live is up to you but males can't have kids and that is just how it is and gravity will never let anything fall up without a froce greater then it.

So if you view haveing a kid and creating food for it as a "gender role" then yes I think that there are and will always be gender roles. If not then gender roles are what you decide because that is your choice. If a female what to provide for the family so be it no qualms. If both parents work and don't have kids. no qualms. if they decide to have kids as long as they are recieving personal and constant care for a source like a grandma or maid. so be it. we as a socity have realy moved forward in equality because females can vote, work, and do what ever they what with as long as it is with in the law which is the same as males. but i will say that respect betweeen the sexs can and should improve.

So in conclusion nature binds us in some fashion but we as a race don't have to play by all the animals kingdoms rules. So as long as everyone is given the right to choice their path and respected for it and that we recognize the diferance is for our own good. then I am content.

Daniel Willard

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