Lacey's Forth Journal

I have seen many connections through out reading this quarter, but for this week there were two that had a very similar idea to them. In "Lust" and "How to Date a.." i found that both authors were trying to get across the same thing. In today's society, sex is not a big deal, but also is. Any people do it and many different ages are doing it. Depending on the person, sex is looked at as a normal thing because, well, its how the human race has stayed on mother Earth, but also because our societies are more open about it. Everything has sex involved in it some how form what you wear to what you eat to what you watch on TV. Its everywhere. Sex is normal and our world understands that.
But, with that, i think the authors wanted to share the underlying issues that comes along with sex and the social normality around it. Males are looked at as something great when they have a lot of sex. Others may envy him, want to be him, and so on. He will most likely gain confidence with each partner and feel good about himself. This is normal when it comes to the topic of sex and that is what "How to date a.." was trying to get across. The main character had everything down to a science and was very confident in these guidelines he had set up. He would tell his friends if he scored and life would be good.
In "Lust", we see the other side of it though. The main character vies sex as a petal being lost. And this is how society views it. I could get in to the brain chemistry behind why the narrator of "Lust" feels how she feels and does what she does, but based on the story alone I see a normal girl who is looking for love and just get carried away because she thinks that is what is supposed to happen. The unspoken social normality for females is not to be a tease and to just give it up. Either way you are looked down upon though.
Our world has changed in the sense that sex is a hugely published thing, but what has not changed is how our society views sex in gender perspective. Giving all the good to the males and all the bad to the girls.

Response to Lacey

I agree with you when you say that these stories were about the social norm and sex. I think that in the both stories they lacked so much emotion.

Response to Lacey

I agree, they don't see it as reproduction, its for pleasure now. In society it has become something that is okay to do and if you do this your mature. Others think differently about if its bad or not but either way a lot of people do it and find it expectable. Like in Lust how she was in a new movement of women starting to have sex for pleasure. Sense it was now socially expectable she goes for it because it became the social norm.

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Exactly! Wow, i did not even notice the part about it becoming a new thing for women to do it for pleasure is Lust. I just never made the connection but that supports what i was saying!

the power of pleasure

It's that biological urge to pleasure that has kept us alive as a species, but it is a messy, complicated thing as well. But as we see in Lust, whatever pleasure there was early on was lost by the end, when she felt herself "pounded veal." That's not exactly "Joy of Sex" thinking. It's a bit of a cautionary tale, letting women know that sex doesn't bring love or affection. That when there is no love and affection, there may not even be hormonal lust, just angst.



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