Journal Entry Five: Lacey

You can take a lot from this weeks poems and ask questions followed up by your opinion. But, after looking at a select few from this week i have come up with a thought that connects all of them.
In the poem When I heard the Learn’d Astronomer by Walt Whitman, the narrator talks about how learning about the world by lectures was tiring, but experiencing it hi, self was quiet and peaceful. Then in the poem A Noiseless Patient Spider by Walt Whitman, he connects a spider making a web to people and how people seek out other souls to connect with like how the spider tries to connect the strings. And ;lastly in the poem Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold he speaks of how the world really has no beauty or love but we can making is seem that way.
My conclusion to all of this is that some of this weeks poem mainly focused on the world itself. More specifically i believe these poems are talking about nature and how the world is preserved by these writers. Walt Whitman seems to be the type of writer who believes we should experience the world and not just sit in classes and hear about it. And that we have to make connection with other otherwise we could not live on or be happy, just like the spider has to make webs in order to service too. But in Mattew Arnold case, he seems to think that you should keep close to the things you love or enjoy because this world is ugly and things can be taken.

Response to Lacey

I agree with when I was reading the poem "A Noiseless Patient Spider" I thought that Whitman was trying to say that people try to find other souls that are similar and try to string them together.

Andi's Response

Lacey I like how you tide the poems together and how you found something about them that connect. I agree with your statement on how these poems are talking about getting out their into the world and its true you cant survive without making webs and meeting new people discovering the world. Also when you talk about Walt Whitman and what he writes about I think hes making a every good point on how we need to be out in the worlds ourselves and that's a problem today because of how we have technology and school and we become very busy in our little world we live in, without discovering the rest of the real world. Can you relate to this poem? or what does it make you think about personally? How do you connect to it?


well, thank you for the positive feed back! i think this relates to not only me but everyone. Like you said we get busy and distracted, but i always long to get out and see new things and i always find time to be outdoors. i think there are some people who would rather stay inside and learn about the world though other sources, but i think everyone should at least try to get out and try new things every now and then like a hike or whatever it might be.

the world is too much with us . . .

is what I was thinking when I read your initial post. I agree that we need to experience the world, though the classroom can be a good place to get some inspiration and understanding that we can apply to that. I'm not sure how valuable it is for most, while hugely valued by English teachers, to be able to name a feeling. What does it mean to stand above the Spokane River while it's near flood stage as it is now and to know what you feel is the sublime? It's not going to get you a job, but it is going to put you in touch with thinkers from ancient Rome who first articulated the idea. And I think there's great value in that.



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