Othello Vs. Oedipus

Othello and Oedipus have only two thing in common. Their names both start with O and they are rash with their words. Oedipus is blameless in the eyes of the Greeks. He is a king who tries to do the best by his people but Apollos cruse has Oedipus falling form grace. He loses his wife and mother. He loses his eye and he loses his city and family. All of this because his mother and father pissed off a god. Othello on the other hand piss off no deity. He only pisses off a man who lust for power and position. Othello kills his wife. She doesn’t strangle her self. Othello is older them his wife not vice versa. The biggest difference in the two plays is this: Othello causes his own fall from power. He is not blameless and lack nobility in cause and in rank other than being a general. In Oedipus you pity him and his fall. In Othello you are more drawn into the plot of Lago then feeling pity of Othello.

In the end Othello is a sad story do to the events and how they unfold but it lack the effect of drawing the audience to pity unlike Oedipus. Oedipus is blameless and suffers one due to who his parent are. Oedipus is the tragedy for the audience pities his life and his end.

winner Oedipus Tregedy Tophy awarded.

Daniel Willard

Skylar's Response

Hello D.J.
I like how you said the only things Oedipus and Othello have in common is that their names start with O and they are rash with their words. And how in Oedipus you pity him and his fall. You begin to feel bad for him because he had no idea. He truly had a tragic story. While on the other hand, Othello, causes his own fall from power. He knew and made what had happen, happen. It surely is a sad story but I agree like you said, the audience doesn't get the pity unlike Oedipus. However, I still believe it is a tragic story and Othello is still a mentioned tragic hero. Thanks for sharing!
- Skylar


I can see that point but why do you see othello as a hero? is it the beginning where they compare him to jesus?

rash with words?

While Oedipus is often rash with his words, accusing Creon and Tiresias and the messenger and shepherd to some degree or another, I think Othello is only rash once, and that is when he is first accusing and then killing Desdemona. But even then, he's really not that rash. He gives her time to say her prayers so she (her soul) can go to heaven. He seems to have thought it all out, despite being duped by Iago. But I also have a hard time seeing him as a tragic figure in the Aristotelian sense of it all.



Rash in a differant sence

Othello even though he think out is converation it is very miliaristic. like a sword fight. there is a trust of the tongue and then a response. He only speak to convay what is needed in a miliaristic sence. So he does understand the effect of his words on the charater of his group. He speaks in orders, resopnse, and indriectly asking about a problem. he is rash with his words for he does just think about how hs works affect the reaction of the group where he should. he moves the story along as much as lago the differance is lago uderstands how his word will effet other and how they react. he his rash for as a general he should be adle to take stock of his men in the moral, charater, and reaction to certain stimlus one being out of favor with him. yet Othello blunder on. so yes rash, even though his worrior code causes him to act with some thought and moral code of conduct.

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