Richard: Nora the Heroine

I find Nora to have the characteristics of noble person or heroine, but I do not see this story as a tragedy. The conflict of the story comes from Nora's desire to care for a loved one, her husband. He was ill and she forged her father's signature in order to acquire money to move him south so his health could improve. If the story ended with her demise or a substantial loss to her caused by this it could have been tragic. However, it does not. In fact, ensuing events cause her to realize she is but a doll to her husband and has been her whole life in regards to others. The ending of the story is positive. This epiphany causes Nora to grow as a person and strike out on her own, to find what she can make of herself. Nora is a noble character in pursuing at first to help a loved one and then in responding to the epiphany of her poor circumstance by trying to better herself. This to me is not tragic. This story had a positive ending for Nora.


Even though I said I thought Nora was a tragic hero, you kind of changed my mind. What made me change my mind was that basically it was a winning situation for Nora. She would've been the tragic hero if things wouldn't have worked out for her like getting rid of her husband but after that it was like the beginning of her new and better life.


I agree with your view that Nora is noble and a heroine, but not a tragic figure. The positive outcome for Nora may have been tragic for her husband and her children, but do you think in the long run this would benefit them? Because if Nora does come back, which is a possibility, will she improve their lives by being a better person? This told as her motivation, but could it be possible?

Skylar' Response

Hey Richard,
I agree with you on how Nora has characteristics of a noble person or heroine, but not a tragedy. I had thought the same thing. Like what I had said is there is more about being a tragic hero than just having a fatal flaw happen to the person. What Nora had was miss judgement. She was controlled and treated like a Doll. Then she grows out of it and the story ends positive like you had said. She is able to find strength and independence. Thanks for sharing!
- Skylar


Although I agree that the end is not a tragic I would argue that her epiphany is caused by her noble action. If she had never forged the signature I don't believe that she would have been motivated to leave and find herself. I think it is also important to look at the ending in context because in that time it probably was a substantial loss for her to lose her husband children and home. Just food for thought. Thanks for sharing.

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