Skylar's Ninth Journal Entry

I believe several elements of tragedy can be identified in Nora's life, however, Nora is not a tragic heroine in the classical tradition. She is not destroyed by a fatal flaw in her own character, as did Oedipus and somewhat Othello. Nora begins to demonstrate tremendous courage and the story ends showing her strength and determination. Yes, she lived a tragic life of being controlled and treated like a "Doll" and finally comes out of her shell, but to me, that's not a tragic hero. To be a tragic hero is more than having just a fatal flaw. It can also refer to a characters error of judgement and Nora does have that. She had accepted her role in marriage with Torvald for many years. She had believed her husband loved her. She had almost lost her own identity. To Aristotle, a tragic hero is also someone who has a result of healing in the audience or character. Obviously, Nora gets a sense of healing after she then grows up and realizes the real world. Nora again shows her strength and leaves. Oedipus, it ended much more tragic. He had asked to be killed.


I agree with your view of a tragic character having more than just a fatal flaw, an error in judgement can also play a big role in a tragedy. Nora choosing to marry Torvald and then believing her husband loved her was quite bad judgment. One thing I wondered is why did it take Nora so long to realize that her husband was a controlling jerk who didn't truly love her? Othello was also another good example of an error in judgment I thought. Othello could have handled the whole situation better than he did. His error was the moment he chose to believe Iago. Great job!

Thanks for the Response!

Hey Marissa,
I'm glad that you agree with me on a tragic hero being more than just a person with a fatal flaw.. And also, It took Nora so long to realize about her husband is because she was brainwashed and controlled. She was literally a doll. She didn't know any better. Thanks for the response!
- Skylar

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