Journal 9: Nora as a tragic heroine

Nora is the heroine of "A Doll's House," but she is not the definition of a tragic hero. She does not have a reversal of fortune from good to bad, in fact, she has a happy ending. She leaves her husband because she realizes he does not truly love her. He is only concerned about his reputation when he finds out she broke the law to save his life. She made huge sacrifices for him, but he was not willing to make even one for her. She leaves him to start her life over and be true to herself, which is a happy ending for her and one that she is satisfied with. She is a noble character because of her realization that in order to be truly happy she must leave her husband, and her strength to follow through with it.

Nora is unlike Oedipus and Othello in that she does not have a tragic flaw that leads to her demise. Her flaw is her deceptiveness, but it ends up leading to her making a decision to better her life. Othello's flaw is his jealousy over his wife who he believed was unfaithful to him. He ended up murdering her because he wanted to protect his reputation, and she was an embarrassment to him. After her death, Othello realized he had been fooled by lago and she had not actually cheated on him. This leads to Othello killing himself because he cannot live with his guilt for what he has done to his wife. There is no nobility in him killing himself and he uses it as a way to avoid having to live with his decisions.

Oedipus' tragic flaw is his pride, and his unwillingness to accept his fate leads to his demise in that his fate still ends up the same way. He thought he could change his fate and in the process ended up bringing on the same fate he was trying to prevent. When he realized that he had married his mother and killed his father, he gouged his eyes out because he cannot accept what has happened to him. Oedipus blinded himself because he did not want to see his true fate. He is a noble character because he did whatever he could to change his fate, and he evokes pity because his efforts are ineffective.