Nora: Journal 9

I honestly don't see Nora as a tragic heroine. I applaud her for taking care of her husband when he really needed it and protecting his pride but I don't see that alone as heroic and I also don't see a reversal of fortune for her either. I think it is brave of her to set out on her own in the end of her story. I find it very realistic and personally don't believe there is anything climatic about the story, unlike Othello and Oedipus where bothe come to truly tragic endings. In all I think that A Dolls House is a great story of breaking out of a illusion but Other and Oedipus both had much more to overcome.


I agree with you when you say that A Doll's house breaks out but What do you say to the ending of the story. What do you think Nora's Husband means when he says it's a miracle?


I believe she is somewhat heroic for having the guts to leave her husband and start her own life, but at the same time it's sad because she's leaving her children behind. I think she should have put her kids first and taken them with her. I think her reversal of fortune for her was her starting over and putting herself first, but she is definitely not comparable to Othello and Oedipus in that sense.

Reply to Victoria

Do you feel that, compared to Othello and Oedipus, Nora may not have been deemed a noble character due to the fact she was a woman at this time period towards the audience? I agree with you, but I feel that she was on a noble pursuit, however she was not noble. You said that Oedipus and Othello had much more to overcome, do you think that since she was one of the first few woman to be written about that she also had a lot to overcome... since this idea was never really imagined before? (the woman breaking away from the male dominated society?)

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