Marissa's Journal 9

In the Story A Doll's House I see Nora as a noble person, but I do not see the story as a tragedy. Nora made a noble choice when she decided to forge the signature for the sake of her husband. Her intentions were pure and not selfish. As the audience you can't help but feel sorry for Nora when she realizes her husband was a complete jerk and didn't truly love her. This story lacks a reversal of fortune which would have created more of a tragedy. The death of someone in the story would have created a tragedy. Nora was lucky enough to be able to leave her husband and start a new life for her self. She was able to escape her fate unlike Oedipus and Othello. Out of all the plays, Oedipus would be the most tragic. He was of nobility and had noble intentions, to save his people. Oedipus was born into his fate and never could escape it. He realized he was the cause of the plauge and ended up gouging out his eyeballs. Oedipus was ashamed of what he had done and was willing to die for it. Othello on the other hand was noble in postion but not noble in character. He chose his own fate and got what he deserved. I did not feel catharsis for Othello, he could have avoided his fate but he chose to believe a lie. While each play posses some type of characteristic that makes it a tragedy, I view Oedipus as the most tragic of them all.

Reply to Marissa

It was a sad read for me when i started to realize through the middle that Torvald saw her as more of a child than a wife. Did you think differently in the beginning of the book? I did, i felt that he actually did love her and that she truly did love him. I was definitely wrong to see that, however maybe that was the intent at the start of the story. I agree with your statement about Oedipus being the most tragic story we have read, it fits most of the signs for a "Noble" character... even though he sort of lost it at the end when his Mother/Wife hung herself. However it still seemed to be the most fitting tragedy out of the three stories we have read.


In the begining of the book I thought their relationship was a little odd. It bothered me how he called her his squirrel and bird. Those are pet names for your kids not your wife. I don't think I ever fully believed that he truly loved her. From the begining he seemed controlling. I never got a sense of love from him. Nora although did seem pretty affectionate towards him, but I felt that she acted like a eager child who wants to please their father. I do think Torvald loved her more as on object rather than as a human being. Thank you for your feedback!

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