Journal 9

Comparing Nora to Oedipus or Othello is extremely difficult. She never tried to claw her eyes out or murder her beloved spouse as an honor killing. However in regards to her being a noble character, i believe that her decisions were all in a noble pursuit. "How Painful and humiliating it would be for Torvald to know that he owed me anything! It would upset our mutual relations together." After she forged the signature which in return saved her husbands life, she did not explain to Torvald what she did because he did not want him to feel like she owed her anything. This to me is an extremely noble thing to do at this time due to the extreme male dominance within the time period. She understood that this was how life worked, and that the man should always be the one to help the wife and not the other way around. However after the forgery, Nora kept trying to hide her secret in hopes of Torvald never finding out. However doing just that caused her to realize the relationship that she and Torvald had with each other which ultimately caused her to leave. Was it sad? Sort of. Was it a complete noble pursuit? No. I feel that she does not fit Aristotle's definition of a noble character within the story. The only thing she lost at the end was her husband and child (who was taken care of by the nanny mostly), which makes me believe it was not a huge loss, but more of a gain for her. Does making a stride in woman rights through a book count as noble? What do you think?


I agree that this comparison is extremely difficult, the other characters were dealing with much stronger internal conflict between right and wrong. Nora on the other hand had to mainly deal with outside forces and her own reaction to them. For the nobility factor,Nora may not have had the utmost of noble motivations in mind when she first made the deception, but she did try her best to solve it on her own, which was noble. I have to say her response at the end of the play to leave was noble as she wanted to become a better person, which is a noble pursuit.


I agree that Nora's pursuit was noble because she could have just said hey hun I did this so now you need to figure it out. I would say that she loses more than just her husband and distant children but I definately feel like what she gained was much greater. I dont know if Aristotle would consider Nora noble for her personal advancement but I would. I think that finding oneself is trulyrics a noble thing to do.

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