Alyssa's 9th Journal Entry

I think that Nora is a tragic hero because in a way she is tragic because she doesn't realize how much her husband tries to control her and by trying to help him she hurts him. I think she is a tragic hero like Oedipus because when she did something bad all she was doing was trying to help her husband and in the end that is what frees her from him. Which is a good thing but when this play was written everyone went nuts that Nora didn't come back or something bad happened to her because no one believed that a women would do that and have no misfortune. I know that Oedipus was the one that stabbed his own eyes and asked for him to get exiled so it’s also hard to compare them because it seems that Nora in a way had a good ending because she was free. But the story seems to end with her coming back which could be very devastating. But I do think that Nora is a tragic hero because she led herself to her end by trying to do something nice but it ends up her husband getting super mad and kicking her out.


I agree with you, I think Nora is a tragic hero because she basically does everything to try to help her husband and it doesn't end up working out so she was basically left with nothing. Even after she saved her husband's life he still got rid of her. I think a tragic hero is someone who's intentions are good but end up being seen as bad and that's what happened with Nora.


Well we are not sure what exactly happened to Nora. Yes, she left her husband and broke free but the last line where her husband says that it's a miracle suggest that she has come back. Also she could have left but I still think that Nora is a tragic hero.


I think Nora is noble but not a tragic hero. She didn't have a reversal of fortune from good to bad, and the play wasn't a tragedy. She ended up getting exactly what she wanted in the end, which was to start over and live her own life without her husband treating her so badly. When she realized he didn't love her she was set free and able to start over and live her life for herself, rather than for her husband.

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