Post Colonialism

Post-Colonialism deals with literature produced in countries that once were colonies of other countries, particularly the European colonial powers Britain, France, and Spain. It also deals with literature written in colonial countries and by their citizens that has colonized people as its subject matter, often addressing cultural identity in the colonized societies. Colonized people, especially of the British Empire, attended British universities; their access to education, still unavailable in the colonies, created a new criticism - mostly literary, and especially in novels. Following the breakup of the Soviet Union during the late 20th century, its former republics became the subject of this study as well. Any literature emanating from these countries and addressing subjects that concern the relationship between master and servant, colonizer and colonized, particularly in which the cultural and beliefs of the colonized are sublimated and denigrated as the culture and beliefs of the colonizer are advanced, can be looked at through the post-colonial lens, an inherently political form of literary criticism.

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