Journal Two: Columbus sailed the ocean blue

Before class Friday, read the introduction to Columbus, along with the First and Second Voyages. Once you've completed the readings, write your blog as if you were a crew member on one of the voyages and were writing a letter to someone back home. (Never mind that most of the crew would have been illiterate!) For your response, pretend as if you had received the letter you were responding to. Adopt the personna of the letter recipient and write back. Use information from the writings and the introduction to inform both your letter and your responses. Follow this link for some info about Columbus's Crew.

Journal One: Crossing Mythologies

For your first journal entry, read each of the three assigned readings and then post a blog entry that discusses at least three similarities or differences you see in the various myths. Explain why you found these similarities/ differences to be of interest or importance and why you think others might think similarly.

Be sure to respond to at least two blogs posted by others. Do what you can to engage them in discussion, finding points of agreement or disagreement, taking their points further, touching on something they may have overlooked, something like that.

And if you haven't yet done so, please post an introduction blog and respond to at least two introductions.

Welcome to the class!

The first thing you need to do is to create a blog account for yourself. The directions are below.

After that, please write an introduction of yourself, telling us about your English education up to this point, any literature you like to read, what you think of using the computer for learning and other things you think might be of interest. You'll do this by clicking on the "create content" link at the top right of the page and then choosing "blog." Type your entry into the dialogue box and then post it. You may have to preview it first. You can come back and revise it if you desire.

Once you've posted your introduction, respond to at least two others blogs posted by students, working to engage them in a discussion about something you found to be of interest in their blog.

Creating an account

  1. Log on to the internet and go to
  2. Look to the upper right hand corner of the screen
    at and click on the “create new account” link in the User Login
  3. Fill in a user name (one that will allow us all
    to readily identify you) and a password.
  4. Click the “create new account” button.
  5. Check
    your email and you should have an email containing your user name and password;
  6. After your first login, you may want to change
    your password to something easy to remember. To do so, go to href="">
  7. Start blogging!
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