Ralph Nader: pi$$ off

In 2000, I voted for Ralph Nader. There, I've outed myself. In some ways, it's not big deal because Bush took the state with a considerable majority, as might have been expected from a state that is a good deal redder than the party rolls might indicate. I've always described a Nevada Democrat as being like a moderate Washington state Republican. The point is, as stupid as I was to have voted for Nader, no "real" harm came from my ballot. It's the ballots cast in the states that were close, Florida and Ohio for instance, that did the damage. Still, I was on the stupid bandwagon then, but not now. No way.

I had been meaning to write an anti-Ralph Nader entry ever since I heard he joined, if that's an accurate verb, the presidential race last Sunday. I think it fair to lay the fact that American's are fighting and dying in Iraq today is because of Nader's candidacy and those like me who voted for him. I feel comfortable with the claim that if Gore had won in 2000, while we would probably be fighting in Afghanistan, and with some good reason still, not only might we have had greater success against the Taliban, but we would not be waging war in Iraq. There would have been no neo-con con of Congress, the press and the American people. The neo-cons would not have had the stage upon which to parade their empire building militaristic notions of democracy spreading, as long as the democracy was supporting us and our "national interests" abroad.

So, to Ralph Nader I have this to say: not just piss off, but go crawl back under the rock you just crawled out from under. Neither the nation nor the world needs you. You have nothing to offer but strokes to your own deluded ego. Just piss off and be done with it.