didn't die before I got old

My generation, bay-bee; my generation bay-bee. Hope I just don't fade awaaay . . .

Perhaps I protest too much, but I am a month shy of turning 50. As I told a colleague, at the very least I must now admit to, or concede, middle age, which means I plan on living to 100, though I have no idea how I'll afford such a thing. There is a bit of history on my side, with my father's mother living to nearly 103 if my math is correct. But I don't know if I want to live that long, spending my last few years cooped up in a retirement center. But enough of being morose.

It's not like I'm the first, or like I'll be the last, in even my family to reach this milestone. Both of my parents are still alive and kicking and I have one older sibling, a sister, who turned 50 two summers ago. There are three more siblings hot on my heels, one each in the following years. What really hurts, though, is a solicitation I received, everyone in my boat must receive, which is a solicitation to join the the AARP. There's no denying one is on the verge of, if not stepping over the threshold, of senior citizenship when they join the AARP, so I'm not joining. First, I'm not sure they share my political views. I'm not lending them my name just for the sake of some discounts if they don't push for some form of nationalized health care, because if nothing is going to kill me in the decades ahead, especially once I stop working (which is still a good 15 years ahead), it will be a lack of healthcare, or my inability to shell out who knows how much money to pay for it.

Just looking at the AARP website for the first time was enough to creep me out. The image is of a woman, at least 50, being ogled by a couple of younger guys, studly guys. The woman is described as a "latter day Mrs. Robinson," of The Graduate fame. Now, I'm not giving up on sex, not just yet. But me hitting on young chicks, assuming I was single and that was okay to do rather than a fast track to divorce and not seeing Tobias, makes me a bit queasy, at least in a metaphorical sense. It would be like hitting on my students. Like I said, creepy.

So here's to blowing off the AARP for the time being. Just because I'm getting old doesn't mean I have to associate myself with a bunch of politically conservative old farts. They just can't dig what I all say, bay-bee.


Ya Gotta Keep A Sense of Humor About It

When I turned 50 a little over a year ago, my wife thought it would be funny to make me a member. Now I get AARP junk mail galore. My kids refer to it as "Dad's mail." I haven't taken them up on any of their "generous" offers for various types of insurance. Between the credit card pre-approvals and AARP, I'm always on somebody's mind. It's nice to be thought of. ;-)

either old or dead

So I'll take, uh, old. At least I get to keep riding my bike and I still have a chance at selling a novel, if I can just make time to write and revise. As long as I'm kicking, there's always hope. Plus, I asked my wife for a new crank for my bicycle, a compact crank, making allowance for not being quite so strong as I used to be. Better a compact than a triple!

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