Spring in the Inland Northwest

Looking at the Cabinet Mountains from Dover Bay, IdahoThis is the view from the balcony of our condo in Dover Bay, Idaho, just west of Sandpoint, Idaho, one of the places you'll want to visit if you are ever in the area. The picture, though, is about what is being passed off as spring. It's spring, it's nearly April, and Spokane and the Dover area, which are separated by about 75 miles, received about six inches of snow this weekend, with more on the way. As a friend wrote, make it stop.

It's almost funny that several months ago I was entranced with the new snowfall, totally psyched up to put the studded tires on my bike so I could commute in the snow. Maybe the excitement is because the winter would be relatively short lived, at least in a sense, and spring would be coming, and I would be able to get a little skiing done in the meanwhile. But I've long since tired of skiing (which I enjoy, but at nearly 50, is tough on the knees), took the studs off the bike, and had myself all psyched up to get some miles in over spring break. That didn't happen.

First, spring break had some of the worst spring weather on record. Eliot had it all wrong this time. March came in like a lion, and is still roaring. It may be a week or two before any springlike weather makes itself known. It was blowy and snowy and cold. I got in two rides, two. I had intended at least one forty mile ride, and I hoped for a 50 miler. But I got in two, one at about 22 and the other 28. And the longer one I had to go to Seattle for. Not that it was a bad ride, but I am sick, sick, sick of winter and I want to see some sun, or at least an end to the snow. But for now, it's back to commuting. Spring quarter begins tomorrow. That means a new batch of students, one class I haven't taught for over a year (American Literature), and a class I haven't taught for at least two years (Advanced Composition). It's time to stop whining and get back to teaching.