nanowrimo days four and five

This is what I've been able to do yesterday and today. 6605 words total so far, behind by about a day's worth of writing. Yesterday I was distracted watching election returns, trying to write at the same time. That didn't work well. Today, I just don't/didn't have the time to write. More important, here is a link to the obituary for Dr. James McLaren Lansche, of Pocatello, Idaho. He'll be sorry missed in this family and beyond.

The Reprobate: The Latest Installment

That’s the thing that makes me so mad about this election. I’m sitting here in my hospital room and bed, the boy and his children has left for home and left me alone to sit and watch all the liberal talking heads on the television talk about what a historic night this is, that no matter who wins, whether it’s John McCain or Barak Obama, that we’ll have either a black man or a woman in the White House, or damn near it in the case of Sarah Palin. Talk about not having a real choice, a black man or a woman. If that darky wins every one of them will be running wild in the streets, getting back at us white folks for all the wrong they think we’ve done them. No one will be safe from those rampaging idiots, no one. If I were younger, of if I weren’t hold up in this hospital, I’d be sure to have my guns out and ready to shoot any darky that tries to do me any harm. If they so much as tried to throw a rock through my window, I’d let them have it with both barrels. Those people can’t run their own lives so how do they think they can run the country, the best country on God’s green earth? Maybe it is the end times after all.

If that darky loses, that means we have one of the stupidest women on earth for a vice president. And that makes that fool John McCain among the stupidest presidents ever if he wins. I don’t know how much of this I can watch. McCain is a hero, a good white man, someone a white man can be proud of with his blonde wife, his experience in the military killing those Viet Cong gooks, bombing the hell out of them. I don’t know how many he might have killed, but it wasn’t enough, but kill them he did, God love him. But picking that woman, that stupid woman. I don’t know who could be thankful for her except other dimwitted women like my sister, but she’s likely voting for the darky Obama. God knows why, but that’s who she’s likely to vote for.

All of the stations the hospital gets are bombarding the election news stories all night with nothing else to watch. No matter which station I switch too, no matter which network, it’s all about the election with some know-it-all explaining or pretending to explain why the votes are going the way they are. One big mouth said the Republican party was essentially retreating to the old South. Those people know how to see the world for what it is. They aren’t fooled by all this campaign crap from that liberal darky Obama. What shocks me is how the states in the southwest have been fooled by him, duped into voting for that fool.

God, now there’s some darky on the television with that hippy hair they don’t wash or cut, talking about how those stupid wetbacks are supporting their fellow colored. This can’t help but be the start of a race war once those people think just because they’ve elected one of their own to the White House that they are somehow due something special from the rest of us, whites in particular. The television keeps showing their stupid red and blue maps, acting like they don’t know what’s gonna happen in their stupid battle ground states. Anyone with half a brain can see that doesn’t matter any more. The darky’s gonna win it. All they gotta do is add the west coast to the equation, the 77 votes from Washington, Oregon and California are all the spook needs at this point, all he needs to win. Who cares about those Florida votes, or Virginia, where I thought people were smarter.

I never thought I’d live to see the day Americans would throw their votes away on a black man, but they did it tonight. It makes me think back to the day Spokane voters threw their votes away on a black mayor, back in the 1970s I think it was. Seems a long time ago. Oh sure, he did a good enough job taking care of the city, but that was when the mayor was mostly a figurehead. We had a city administrator then to do the real job of running the city. The mayor just sat in with the city council and bloviated about this that and the other thing with the rest of the elected idiots on the council. None of them could do much harm unless they got together and came up with a plan. The rest of the council was white so no darky was going to do too much damage, not by himself. And if by chance he had a good idea, the credit would have to go to someone else on the council, someone he’d be beholden to.

God only knows what’s going to happen to the country with this man in charge, him and his Democrat pals in Congress. It’s bad enough that the lame duck Republicans took over so many banks and insurance companies from the idiots that ran them into the ground. That’s one thing, but having a Democrat come along with that sort of a precedent makes it seem he’ll be taking over every business that looks worth the trouble. And here I sit, looking at those stupid people dancing in some park in Chicago waiting for the man to come and speak like he was Jesus at the Mount, like he was going to break apart the loaves and fishes and feed them all, like he’s gonna walk on water and set the world right. Hah, bunch of crap that is. Even if he was white he couldn’t do that. No one can. Those idiots better get ready to see their hopes dashed come the new year and his inauguration. It may be historic, but that don’t mean any good’s gonna come of it. No sir. No good is coming of this.

I don’t know why, but all this optimism and hope reminds me of that one woman, that Sally Jenkins I was having an affair with after being married for a few years. She was like so many of those women in that day. Her family had been in Spokane for a number of generations. He father or someone started Union Iron Works where they made all sorts of steel and iron structures for the buildings. The guy thought he was a genius because he made a lot of money. People did that then as much as they do now, think they’re smart because they made some money. Any idiot can make money if that’s all they want to do, but they can’t do what I did, live without making any money, making it so someone else foots the bill. That’s’ the sort of thing that takes brains, and that’s the sort of thing I did. But that Sally, she was like her father, thought if she wanted something she should get it, and even though I was married she wanted me. I ended up hearing the hole story afterward, from my wife. That wasn’t anyone I’d want to hear a story like that from, but I didn’t care.

I may have been married to the bitch, but I didn’t love her, especially when she expected me to go out and find some work so she could keep living the way she did with her father. Though she married her daddy she did, daddy with a different name. But the hell if I’m going to be any daddy to any body. Like I said, she was a bitch, a stupid bitch, but the story, I love thinking about it, hearing over and over again in my mind. Sally thought she could meet up with the wife, tell her she loved me, and the wife would leave and we’d be together and live happily ever after. What she didn’t understand is I didn’t want my wife to leave me so I could be with her. If I wanted my wife to leave, it was so I wouldn’t have to listen to her going on and on about how I needed to make something of myself. That’s why I was sleeping with Sally, to get away from the wife, to have some sex with someone I could walk away from, and being married made it a lot easier to walk away, and if Sally made a stink, then she’d be a home wrecker. It was the perfect situation, but Sally had to try. And try she did.