Lilac Century minus 20

I took a cut-off without finishing the 14-mile climb to Reardan and skipped a 10-mile loop to cut the 100 miles down to 82. That was plenty, thanks to more than 4000 feet of climbing along the way. The equal amount of descending made it more doable. I hit nearly 50, 49.7 mph on the big descent from the West Plains to the Spokane River.



Amazing. I get wigged out when I break thirty. Must have been a heck of a climb to make that speed on the way down. I assume the weather cooperated?

weather cooperated

I was closed to wigging out as I approached 50. A gust of wind caught me going around a corner and it was a bit wobbly. Come out and we can ride it some time. If we can get CW in the neighborhood one of these days, we can ride it

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