Kommie Kitsch

I probably shouldn't be so irreverant, but what the heck. Some of the best stuff I've bought in China is what we've come to call "dollar store crap." But much of it is "only in China" dollar store crap. What I'm most happy with is three decks of playing cards. One is the "Ten Marshalls." The other decks are "The Great Leader" (Mao) and "Red Age." Each deck of cards comes in a nice outer box and inside is a plastic case. The cards are wrapped inside the plastic case, so I'm reluctant to open them. I suspect these cannot be found in America, though maybe I'm wrong.

Perhaps I could start importing them and make a bundle. These, so my thinking goes now, are bound to be White Elephant gifts at the family Christmas eve celebration. I have no doubt these will be a hit, the "must have" gift that sparks fights. The perfect white elephant gift. As I have time to shop some more, I hope to find more of this sort of thing. By Chinese standards, I paid too much, Y40 for three packs of cards. That's about $6.50 total.